Friday, January 19, 2007

Check Out BLINGO!!!

After a weak day of market action, I thought that I'd introduce something a little different than option speak.

You may have noticed lately that I like tinkering with all these new Web 2.0 "widgets". You know these little quirky plug-ins or links to interesting and weird sites. Well, this time the widget is located to the left called BLINGO.

All you do is click on the BLINGO link and sign up for free. Everytime you use BLINGO to search for anything like you do on GOOGLE, you get a chance to win a prize. If you win, Option Jungle wins. I love win-win situations, don't you?

Anyway, just trying to break up the monotony. Have fun with it and I hope you all win so that I can win.

Swing on in and grab a vine and let me know what you think about BLINGO.

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