Tuesday, January 9, 2007

AAPL Update

Well the announcement made headline news and it's official Apple Unveils Long-Awaited Phone, TV Box.

The iPhone and Apple TV products will be available soon.

What does mean for the credit spread. Well I tried to enter my 90/85 Put Spread at $3.00 but did not get filled after I modified the order to $3.10 when the stock dropped quickly before the news. So instead I waited and got filled at $2.20. Not at all a great entry price and does not provide a great risk/reward but nonetheless I'm in and the current net debit is 1.65 (up .55 +25%).

Now the stock is above 90 and IV has moved to 58/55 respectively.

I'll keep everyone updated about the management of the trade and any other thoughts.

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