Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Do You Feel Lucky LVS Punk?

How lucky can you get when your latest earnings report reflects a luckier than normal revenue from high roller tables at the Venetian?

Maybe not so lucky when your stock drops over $5 after the report. Will this slide continue as well as the normal IV slide?

I'm betting that it will. I'm looking at the FEB 95/100 Call Spread with a net credit of 2.80 if I can get it. That makes a 1.1/1 r/r ratio which is not the best but if the underlying continues on profit taking mode will give me some extra help.

Keep rolling the dice high rollers and soon you'll take some money away from LVS and so will profit takers.


odaz60zy said...

Great call. I paper traded in @3.8,now @1.9. A quick 50%.

Terence said...


Nice work. IV is still dropping. It'll be interesting to see if we get more underlying help.