Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest Poll

I have not seen any new voters at the OJ Poll lately. Is that because you "swingers" are a little gunshy or is it because you all have forgotten? Regardless, the odds might be in the YEA sayers favor.


tom said...

Hey! Congrats on your GOOGs!!

What the hell did I tell you that this chart was bullish as long as it stayed above 475? Now let's bring my 525 target! Gee that was sweet GOOOOOOOOGGG today!

And Cramer said to sell techs! What a guy!

Terence said...

You sure did, Tom. I figured that there would be a short squeeze but not this quick. In Cramer's defense, however, he has always been bullish on GOOG, MSFT, CSCO, and HPQ. It will be interesting to see what will happen after MSFT's earnings tomorrow.