Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OJ Portfolio Update

What a turnaround on the OJ Portfolio positions! Thanks to the positive reaction to YHOO's earnings news, it appears that the tech market is finding some buyers so far and so has the OJ Portfolio.

What remains to be seen is if the bulls sustain their buying to move the Naz back above prior highs of 2508.

That's a long way from current levels but one never knows. Again, MSFT's earnings will be reported tomorrow 1/25 and so the market will be anxious to see the results and more importantly the guidance going forward.

GOOG has certainly found some renewed buying interest after the shelling it's taken lately. It may only be the short sellers closing out positions with some nice profits as of late.

All the big name tech stocks such as MSFT, CSCO, HPQ, AAPL, and even DELL are seeing improvement so far today which has been driving the Nasdaq which is up 21 points today to 2452 so far.

The million dollar question as always is this a true rally to new highs or is this a dead cat bounce? We shall see.

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